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Our Forests

Mansley Serviced Apartments, as a hospitality company, has some unique assets in its structure as we own two areas of forestry in Scotland.

The two forests, one within the Cairngorm National Park and the other in Perthshire cover an area of over 500 hectares. The forests, both of which are scrutinised as part of the Sustainable Forest Scheme, play a key role in maintaining and enhancing local biodiversity by providing habitats for protected species such as badgers, red and roe deer, pine martin, red squirrels, otters and also wildcat. The forest located in the Cairngorms is also home to a number of Capercaillie.

Timber is harvested, in strict accordance with guidelines set out by UK Forestry Standards and the Sustainable Forest Scheme. Harvested timber typically finds its way into the construction industry, providing wood for beams, planks and boards.

In addition to managing our own forests, we have partnered with other reforestation organisations, such as JUST ONE Tree and have seen over 300 trees planted in our name across equatorial regions. This not only has a positive impact on carbon absorption but also provides much-needed jobs in rural communities as local people are employed and educated to maintain and develop the forests. Although the sequestration from these areas combined with that from our own forests offsets a large proportion of our total carbon emissions we do not account for this in our reporting as we are committed to achieving our net zero targets by reducing emissions rather than solely relying on offsetting.

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