A Perfect Weekend Getaway in London

London, a city steeped in history and bustling with modern life, offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable weekend getaway. Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of the arts, or a food enthusiast, London’s diverse attractions and neighbourhoods cater to every taste and interest. Here’s how to spend a perfect weekend in the British capital, taking in everything from iconic landmarks to hidden gems.

Friday Evening: Arrival and Exploration

Check into Your Accomodation
Kick off your London adventure by checking into one of the city’s many charming hotels. Consider staying in a Mayfair or Kensington serviced apartment or hotel for a blend of luxury and history. These neighbourhoods offer exquisite accommodations and place you near some of London’s most famous landmarks.

Dinner in Soho
Once you’re settled, head to Soho for dinner. This vibrant area is known for its diverse culinary scene, which offers everything from traditional British pubs to top-tier international cuisine. Be sure to make reservations ahead of time, as the best spots can fill up quickly.

Saturday: Sightseeing and Cultural Immersion

Morning at the British Museum
Start your day with a visit to the British Museum, home to a vast collection of world art and artifacts. Entrance is free, but donations are appreciated.

Afternoon Tea
No visit to London is complete without experiencing the quintessentially British tradition of afternoon tea. Choose from the many opulent settings across the city, such as The Ritz or Fortnum & Mason, for a taste of delicate sandwiches, scones, and, of course, a selection of teas.

Explore the West End
Spend your evening in London’s West End, renowned for its thrilling theatre scene. Whether you’re into musicals, dramas, or comedies, there’s always something to match your tastes. It’s advisable to buy tickets in advance.

Sunday: Leisure and Local Life

A Stroll through Hyde Park
Begin your Sunday with a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park, one of London’s eight Royal Parks. Here, you can enjoy the serene beauty of the Serpentine Lake, the Rose Garden, and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Visit Camden Market
Next, make your way to Camden Market, where you’ll find a dizzying array of food, crafts, and vintage clothing. It’s the perfect place to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts and grab a bite from one of the many international food stalls.

Sunset at Primrose Hill
Conclude your weekend with a visit to Primrose Hill for stunning panoramic city views at sunset. It’s a popular spot among locals and tourists, offering a peaceful setting to reflect on your weekend adventures.

Plan Your London Weekend

London’s charm lies in its ability to blend centuries-old history with the vibrancy of modern life. From the quiet corners of its sprawling parks to the lively streets of its markets and neighbourhoods, a weekend in London promises an array of experiences that will leave you longing to return. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, London always has something new to discover. Discover Mansley Apartments in Kensington for the ultimate accommodation, suitable for families, couples, and solo travellers.

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Exploring London’s Hidden Gems

London is a city rich in history, culture, and iconic landmarks, yet it is often explored through the lens of popular tourist destinations. However, beyond the well-trodden paths lies a world of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These lesser-known treasures offer a unique perspective on the city, providing authentic and unusual experiences for those willing to venture off the beaten path.

Little Venice

Tucked away in the Maida Vale neighbourhood, Little Venice is a tranquil oasis that feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of its central London location. Here, picturesque canals weave through charming waterside cafes, tree-lined paths, and houseboats adorned with vibrant gardens. Visitors can take a leisurely boat ride along the waterways or enjoy a peaceful stroll, immersing themselves in the serene atmosphere of this hidden gem.

Seven Dials

In the heart of Covent Garden, Seven Dials is a historic intersection that radiates charm. It comprises seven quaint streets filled with independent boutiques, unique eateries, and a distinct sense of community, converging on the central monument – a sundial pillar – for an added touch of old-world charm. Seven Dials offers a quieter and more intimate alternative to the bustling streets of Covent Garden.

Daunt Books

Book lovers and literary enthusiasts will find solace in Daunt Books, a hidden gem for those seeking a quiet retreat. Nestled in Marylebone, this independent bookstore boasts a stunning Edwardian oak gallery and skylights, creating a serene environment for browsing. Daunt Books provides a unique experience, making it a haven for bibliophiles.

Leighton House Museum

For a glimpse into the opulent world of Victorian art and design, Leighton House Museum in Kensington is a hidden treasure. The former home of artist Frederic Leighton, this museum is a masterpiece, showcasing a fusion of art styles and influences. Visitors can explore the intricately decorated rooms, a stunning Arab Hall, and a beautiful garden, experiencing the Victorian aesthetic in a more intimate setting.

Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden

Nestled atop Hampstead Heath, the Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden offer a serene and enchanting escape from the city’s hustle. The pergola, adorned with climbing vines and flowers, provides a romantic setting for a leisurely stroll. The Hill Garden, with its manicured lawns and panoramic views of London, offers a tranquil spot for picnics and relaxation. This hidden gem provides a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature and architectural splendour.

Discover London’s Hidden Gems From a Serviced Apartment

Whether it’s the serene canals of Little Venice, the historic charm of Seven Dials, the literary haven of Daunt Books, the artistic allure of Leighton House Museum, or the peaceful beauty of Hampstead Pergola, these lesser-known locations contribute to the rich cultural tapestry of London beyond the usual tourist spots. For the ultimate stay in a central location, consider Mansley Serviced Apartments, located in the heart of Mayfair and Kensington, close to each of these gems and so much more. Our luxurious Mansley Serviced Apartments provide the perfect base for your stay in the heart of London.

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Weekend Bliss: Enjoying London from a Serviced Apartment

London, a city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and modernity, offers many experiences for weekend getaways, whether as a tourist exploring the city or a local seeking a break from routine. Staying in a luxury serviced apartment can elevate your weekend escape experience beyond expectations. For the ultimate stay in a central location, consider Mansley Serviced Apartments in the heart of Mayfair and Kensington.

Home Away from Home

There are many advantages to selecting a serviced apartment rather than a traditional hotel. The sense of familiarity, comfort, and space they provide is unparalleled, making an apartment ideal for singles, couples, or family travel. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, Mansley offers meticulously designed apartments, each thoughtfully furnished for a home away from home experience. Expect spacious living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, and every detail crafted to exceed expectations. This private and opulent environment will ensure your stay is enjoyable.

Central Locations

Each Mansley location can be found in the heart of some of the UK’s prime city centres. Whether visiting for business or leisure, staying with us is always a pleasure. Each apartment is close to business hubs, major tourist attractions, things to see and do. Our Mayfair and Kensington apartments are nestled amidst exclusive boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, historic landmarks, and London’s cosmopolitan charm. With iconic attractions close by, including Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, and Oxford Street, an escape at Mansley will allow you to experience the quintessential essence of London living at your doorstep. Additionally, each location is close to or comfortably accessible from major airports and train stations and well connected by public transport. Spend less time on transfers and more on your London itinerary.

Personalised Services

Our serviced apartments have many services to make your stay more comfortable and to ensure your needs are met promptly. Mansley provides that home-from-home experience with a warm, genial welcome enhanced by intuitive service from friendly staff members, who are always onsite to look after your stay and assist in any way possible. Whether you require assistance with travel arrangements, local recommendations, or reservations at top-notch restaurants, our staff will ensure your weekend stay is exceptional.

Space & Comfort

Mansley’s spacious serviced apartments and luxury suites are designed with comfort in mind. Expect all you need for self-catering as both our serviced apartment and suites are appointed with high-spec modern amenities, appliances, and fixtures. Ultra-comfortable beds and plush pillows ensure a great night’s sleep, and the spacious accommodation allows you to relax and unwind. We have everything you could possibly need ready and waiting for you.

Discover Mansley Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is the ideal choice for a weekend bliss getaway that combines the comforts of home with excitement and exploration in the heart of London. With central locations and personalised service, our luxurious Mansley Serviced Apartments provide the perfect base for your stay. We have been getting service and stays right for over 50 years so that you can book with every confidence.

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Explore London This Christmas: A Local’s Guide to Quintessential Holiday Experiences in the Capital

Christmas in London is nothing short of magical. Especially if you choose to stay in one of the most Christmassy neighbourhoods in London – Mayfair. Stepping outside each day into the charming wonderfully decorated cobblestone streets perfumed with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, you get to live out your own Dickensian festive fairy tale.

From iconic markets and shows to discovering hidden local gems, Christmas in London offers endless festive cheer. And the upscale Mayfair neighbourhood makes for the ultimate home base to experience it all.

Indulge in Classic Christmas Markets and West End Shopping

In addition to the major, well known Christmas markets and iconic shopping areas like Carnaby Street all of which are covered in most London guides, uncover a handful of local favourites while staying at Mansley Mayfair serviced apartments… and live your best Christmas life like a local!

Take a stroll through London’s “best kept secret” – Shepherd Market. Nestled just north of Curzon Street minutes away from Mansley Serviced Apartments sits the quaint pedestrian area known as Shepherd Market, transformed into a true hidden gem at Christmastime. Twinkling string lights criss-cross overhead as you browse the boutique shops and art galleries bedecked in festive trimmings showcasing unique jewellery, ceramics, clothing and home goods. Stop into one of the cosy pubs made warm and lively on cold nights with roaring fireplaces, snacks and winter cocktails. Shepherd Market’s intimate village-like atmosphere accompanied by local carolers and buskers sets it apart from the more bustling Christmas markets and fanfare found elsewhere in Mayfair and central London. Meandering through with packages and hot cider in hand make for memorable glimpses into life as a local.

And once you’ve enjoyed the secret Shepherd Market, head back to your own home from home!

The diversity of options for Christmas shopping in London can’t be beat. Just beware of getting carried away on the mulled wine and Christmas treats!

Luxury Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments for Christmas in London

While extravagant hotels like The Savoy, The Ritz and Mandarin Oriental excel in five star hospitality and dining, staying at a high end Mayfair serviced apartment often outshines even luxury hotels when it comes to space, amenities, and creating a magical holiday home experience.

Mansley Mayfair serviced apartments offer an unrivalled local living experience. These high end residences, often converted from former townhomes unique to Mayfair, come staffed with amenities rivalling hotels. From the concierge desk and friendly members of staff are onsite, to housekeeping and luxury toiletries they deliver exceptional service. Yet with separate living spaces, stocked kitchens, and room to entertain, these serviced apartments unlock intimacy and convenience perfect for couples and solo travellers.

Discover Unique Local Christmas Happenings as a Londoner Would

Whilst staying at you local “home”, enjoy the more obscure, quirky Christmas happenings in London that only insiders would know about:

Skating at Somerset House Late Night Adults-Only Takeover – Typically families flock to the gorgeous Somerset House ice rink, but insiders know that a few nights a week after 10 PM only adults are allowed for a magical late night skating experience under the stars without kids.

12 Days of Christmas Pub Crawl – Wishing to get to know a handful of great London pubs? This guide is for you. Follow the lyrics of a timeless carol and discover a new pub every day. Or maybe you’d like to visit them all in one day belting out classics like “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bells” alongside your fellow Christmas crooners.

Columbia Road Christmas Wednesdays – Taking place on Wednesdays leading up to Christmas, this festive gathering attracts a lot of locals hunting for fragrant Christmas greenery and unique stocking fillers. Enjoy singing Christmas carols? Look out for the crowd led by the vicar of St Peter’s Church Bethnal Green and join them in this festive fellowship activity.

By veering off the beaten path you’ll be rewarded with quintessential Christmas magic unlike anything you’ll experience back home.

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The Natural History Museum

Uncover the Hidden Gems and Secret Things to Do in Kensington: The Local’s Guide

Kensington is a historic neighbourhood in London known for its world-famous museums and royal palace. But beyond these main tourist attractions lies a vibrant area full of hidden things to do in Kensington – you just need a local to uncover all the secret spots!
This insider’s guide takes you off the beaten path to discover the hidden gems of Kensington’s shops, architecture, gardens, music venues and more. Read on to explore this neighbourhood’s secrets like a local.

Meet Kensington’s Beloved Quirky Characters

Beyond its landmarks, Kensington’s is defined by some beloved local legends who give the area its quirky charm. Cheesemonger Chris the Cheese Man, for example, has run his stall at Kensington Market for over 20 years, supplying artisanal cheeses and fun facts.

How Kensington’s Evolved Over the Centuries

Kensington has transformed over various eras:

  • 1600s: A small village outside London
  • 1700s: Georgians built stately terraces for respite from the city
  • 1800s: Victoria era brought museums, shops and libraries
  • Today: A hub of arts and culture with intimate neighbourhood flair

Kensington’s Hidden Architectural Gems

Beyond the well-known buildings, Kensington hides architectural gems like:

  • Leighton House Museum: Arab Hall with ornate Islamic tiles
  • 18 Stafford Terrace: Elaborate Victorian townhouse
  • St Mary Abbots Church: 700 year old parish with Gothic details
  • Albert Court: U-shaped Victorian complex with iron balconies

Wander Through Kensington’s Secret Gardens

Kensington has gorgeous green spaces perfect for wondering:

Kensington Gardens – Don’t miss the sunken “Secret Garden” and fountains.
Holland Park – Peacocks roam the grounds by the serene Kyoto Garden.
Kensington Roof Gardens – An oasis three stories above the street that has, unfortunately, been recently closed down.

Trendy Vintage & Boutique Shops

Beyond the chains, Kensington has unique independent shops, such as:
Rellik – Chic recycled and vintage clothing curated by a designer.

Underrated Museums to Explore

Lesser-known niche museums in Kensington include:

The Sewing Machine Museum – Over 200 Victorian-era machines.
The Royal Air Force Museum – Vintage planes and WWII pilot stories.

Find the Cosy Local Music Venues

Intimate pub in Kensington host live music events:
The Troubadour – The legendary coffeehouse that hosted Bob Dylan himself.

Kensington’s Hidden Food & Drink Gems

Beyond the well-known spots, hidden food and drink gems include:

Lisboa Patisserie – Charming cafe with delicious custard tarts.
Queen’s Arms – Relaxed local hangout with seasonal fare.
Min Jiang – Elegant Chinese cuisine in a sophisticated setting.

Insider Tips to Uncover the Main Attractions’ Hidden Corners

Even at Kensington’s top attractions, hidden corners exist for locals:

Kensington Palace – Find the sunken garden oasis and King’s Staircase guarded by carved figures.
Natural History Museum – Escape the crowds in the genetics “Who Am I?” gallery.

Use this local’s guide to uncover the hidden gems, secret things to do, and insider spots beyond Kensington’s tourist attractions. And if you ever wondered where it is best to stay to be close to all that Kensington has to offer – explore our Kensington Serviced Apartments and experience this vibrant area like a Londoner!

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Carbon Neutral Activities & Wellbeing in our Cities – London Jogging

When you stay at one of our London properties, you’re always in close proximity to a safe, scenic jogging track. Whether you’re working up a sweat on a four-mile run, or taking in the city sights on a light, local trot, you’re bound to find something to fit your fitness levels.

Curzon Street properties:

As one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in London, Mayfair is always worth the run-by. Take in the elegant architecture, high-end shops and luxurious restaurants, then break out from the concrete into Green Park, less than 2-minutes from our Curzon Street properties.

Green Park Loop (2.5 miles):

It’s hard to beat the convenience and scenery of Green Park with over 40 acres of pristine garden territory maintained year-round. A jog around this route also provides a glance at a couple of famous landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace and the Canada Gate.

Four Royal Parks Circuit (6.57 miles):

If you’re looking for a wholesome way to explore the city centre, you could do a lot worse than the Four Royal Parks Circuit, which will steer you through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens pathways bringing into view a number of noteworthy landmarks, such as the Serpentine Lake, Speakers’ Corner, and the Diana Memorial Fountain. The route is flat and nearly traffic free, just be certain to visit before dusk, when Kensington Gardens closes.

No1 The Mansions, Kensington:

Amongst London’s most famous and charming boroughs, Kensington and Chelsea is unsurprisingly a delightful destination for a jog. In just an hour’s circuit, you’re liable to spot celebrities, sight 19th century architecture and even catch a glimpse of the Thames at sunset (if you know where to run).

Holland Park Loop (2.5 miles):

Located just a short jog from our Mansions property, the Holland Park route rambles north through luxury shops, upscale restaurants and historical buildings, all the way to the famous Kyoto Garden, a gift to the city of London from the city of Kyoto, in Japan.

Regent’s Canal Towpath (7.5 miles):

If you’re feeling a little more motivated, you might instead head south towards the river. By following the canal towpath, you can drink in (not literally) the waterside atmosphere and then head along towards London Zoo and past Regent’s Park.

Is it possible to practise sustainability in a city of over 9 million? According to the mayor’s ‘1.5-degree compatible plan’, the answer is ‘yes’ – with a heavy focus on eco building, public parks and zero-emissions mass public transportation. 

London is going green, and guests of ByMansley, in both the Mayfair or Kensington properties, will find no shortage of natural spaces, sustainable travel options or eco-minded restaurants to help them reduce carbon footprint and stay healthy in the process.

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ByMansley Off To a Promising Start at The Serviced Apartment Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for two awards at the 2023 Serviced Apartment Awards. The Serviced Apartment Awards are regarded as ‘The Oscars’ of the Serviced Apartment industry, so to have been shortlisted for Best Operator 51-200 units and Best Architecture/Exterior External Design is very exciting. Being recognised as one of the best in our industry is a gratifying testament to all of the hardworking people that help create the Mansley difference.

The Best Operator Award takes into consideration the guest experience that each property provides, how innovative our products are and how we communicate with our guests before, during and after their stay. We are judged on our engagement with both guests and the hospitality community, the safety features that we have in place to ensure that our apartments are a safe space for our guests, as well as how we distribute to the marketplace and how we face up to our sustainability responsibilities. To have our efforts recognised as being amongst the best in the industry is a great honour.

The nomination also brings back great memories from our triumph in the Best Operator category at the 2022 awards. We are looking forward to finding out who emerges victorious in 2023.

The Best Architecture/External Design award is for our Strozzi Palace property in Cheltenham. Strozzi Palace is a unique and still much-loved landmark in Cheltenham the life of which began in the mid-1890s when a town planner had a grand vision for housing a new urban utility power station. The exterior was based on Palazzo Strozzi – one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in Florence, Italy and is a Grade II listed building. These days the building is home to the six luxury suites that make up Strozzi Palace by Mansley.

Mansley Serviced Apartments are a collection of chic and stylish serviced luxury apartments available to rent in the UK’s most prestigious locations, including Mayfair, Kensington, Edinburgh, Cheltenham and the Scottish Highlands. Escape with us, at: www.bymansley.com

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No Rain, No Gain: 6 Tips For Enjoying a Damp Easter Holiday With The Kids

Last week, the Met Office confirmed what every parent secretly fears in the build-up to Easter. Dust off the Scrabble, dig up the umbrellas and stock up on Nurofen – it’s rain. Pouring down unfailingly on every picnic, park walk and egg-shaped dream. Thankfully, with a little creativity and a high tolerance for carpet stains, you can make the best of the bad weather – here are a few ideas to dip your wellies in.

1) Baking

When you’re stuck indoors, there are few activities that tick the hunger, stimulation and productivity boxes quite like a good few hours of baking. Think mini aprons, healthy recipes, and blunt knives. Expect broken eggs, premature eating of chocolate chips, and plenty of sugar highs. Healthy(ish) suggestions include:

  • Garden carrot cake
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Cornflake tart

2) Science Experiments

Whether your kids are budding ecologists, palaeontologists or something more akin to Dr Frankenstein, you’ll find no shortage of homemade experiment ideas that are sure to provide both entertainment and education (and that do not involve the reconstruction of your family gerbil). Start off with some easy concoctions, such as: 

  • Slime making
  • Volcano building
  • Avocado trees

3) Arts & Crafts

There’s nothing better on a rainy day than a good couple of hours spent making stuff. Arts & crafts can take the form of origami, poster painting or even papier-mâché. Start by designating a messy space (preferably on a cleanable surface, away from the expensive rug) and set a nice, general objective, like:

4) Museums

Contrary to popular belief, rainy days can also involve the use of feet. You can, for example, use feet to walk into museums, where you’ll find objects of fascination, such as dinosaur bones, rocket ship replicas and other exhausted parents. Here are a few of our top recommendations, based on ByMansley locations:




  • Highland Folk Museum
  • Inverness Museum & Art Gallery
  • Treasures of the Earth


  • Jet Age Museum
  • The Wilson Art Gallery & Museum

5) Home Karaoke

With home karaoke, everyone wins. Your kids get to blast ‘Let It Go’ with the ferocity of a thousand suns. You get to sing ‘Do You Believe in Life After Love’ without anyone on the tube complaining. All you need is a plug-in microphone and an internet connection for Youtube.

6) Roll With It

The fifth and final stage of rainy holiday grief is ‘acceptance’. Coming to terms with your aquatic fate can quickly turn the April showers into, dare I say it, an opportunity for adventure. Why not throw on your raincoats, slip on the wellies and find some puddles to jump in? Or you could embark on a wildlife safari – frogs, lizards, worms, snails and even leeches are all barmy for wet weather.

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Mansley Serviced Apartments are a collection of chic and stylish serviced luxury apartments available to rent in the UK’s most prestigious locations, including Mayfair, Kensington, Edinburgh, Cheltenham and the Scottish Highlands. Escape with us, at: www.bymansley.com

Image by Pixabay

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Carbon Neutral Activities & Wellbeing in our Cities – London Eco Dining

Rising to the challenge of reducing food-based emissions, London’s new assembly of eco restaurants are protecting the planet with a focus on sustainable recipes, carbon reduced supply chains, zero plastic and more – here are a few nearby options for you to plan dinner around.

Spring, London
Somerset House, Lancaster Place, WC2R 1LA

Spring restaurant, based out of centrally located Somerset House, boasts an ever-changing menu that makes use of seasonal, locally sourced produce. They were also the first ever single-use plastic free restaurant in London.

La Goccia
1 Floral Court, WC2E 9FB

La Goccia are specialists in Italian aperitivo with a focus on sustainable produce – their poultry, livestock, eggs, vegetables and fruit actually come directly from the organic, high-welfare Haye Farm, in Devon. They also source their line-caught fish directly from Cornish fishermen, rather than corporate trawlers.

Native At Browns
39 Brook Street, London, W1k 4JE

Native are not only an award-winning purveyor of British cuisine, they also feature an adaptable ‘wild food’ menu that focuses on key seasonal ingredients, ethically sourced meat and ‘foraged cocktails’. Proof that, if you want to go green, you have to get grubby.

Is it possible to practise sustainability in a city of over 9 million? According to the mayor’s ‘1.5-degree compatible plan’, the answer is ‘yes’ – with a heavy focus on eco building, public parks and zero-emissions mass public transportation. 

London is going green, and guests of ByMansley, in both the Mayfair or Kensington properties, will find no shortage of natural spaces, sustainable travel options or eco-minded restaurants to help them reduce carbon footprint and stay healthy in the process.

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Carbon Neutral Activities & Wellbeing in our Cities – London Cycling

London is a cycling city and, by 2041, it is expected that 70% of Londoners will live within 400 metres of a high-quality, safe cycle route. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, why not try hiring a Santander Cycle? They’re cheaper than motorised options and cycling is often just as expedient.

How to hire a Santander Cycle:

• Approach a docking station terminal
• Choose ‘Hire a cycle’ using the on-screen instructions
• Pay using your debit or credit card (other contactless devices will not work)
• Collect your printed receipt and type your release code into the docking point’s keypad, then pull the bike out once the green light has appeared
• Adjust the dimensions of the bike to your preferences
• Ride away!
• After riding, find an empty docking point and push the bike firmly into place, until a green light has appeared
• If the docking station is full, choose ‘No docking point free’ at the terminal and follow the on-screen directions for another 15-minutes. You can then look for an alternative.

Remember, you should aim to research safe bike paths before beginning your journey. You’ll find plenty of routes within the central London area that can help you avoid major areas of traffic.

Is it possible to practise sustainability in a city of over 9 million? According to the mayor’s ‘1.5-degree compatible plan’, the answer is ‘yes’ – with a heavy focus on eco building, public parks and zero-emissions mass public transportation. 

London is going green, and guests of ByMansley, in both the Mayfair or Kensington properties, will find no shortage of natural spaces, sustainable travel options or eco-minded restaurants to help them reduce carbon footprint and stay healthy in the process.

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Carbon Neutral Activities & Wellbeing in our Cities – London Parks

Around a third of the Greater London area is covered by vegetation, with up to 436 hectares of tree canopy cover. If you know where to look, you’ll find plenty of green spaces to unwind in – here are a few located near our properties:

Mayfair properties

      • Green Park (19 hectares) – 3-minute walk
      • Hyde Park (142 hectares) – 4-minute walk
      • Grosvenor Square (2.5 hectares) – 11-minute walk

      Kensington property

      • Bramham Gardens (0.6 hectares) – 1-minute walk
      • Holland Park (21 hectares) – 16-minute walk

      Is it possible to practise sustainability in a city of over 9 million? According to the mayor’s ‘1.5-degree compatible plan’, the answer is ‘yes’ – with a heavy focus on eco building, public parks and zero-emissions mass public transportation. 

      London is going green, and guests of ByMansley, in both the Mayfair or Kensington properties, will find no shortage of natural spaces, sustainable travel options or eco-minded restaurants to help them reduce carbon footprint and stay healthy in the process.

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          Benefits of Serviced Apartments

          When it comes to finding the perfect Edinburgh accommodation, there are plenty of options to choose from. But if you’re looking for something that offers more space, comfort, and convenience than a traditional hotel room, then you should consider staying in a serviced apartment.

          Serviced apartments are a great option for anyone visiting Edinburgh. They offer all the comforts of home, with fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and comfortable bedrooms. You’ll have more space to relax and unwind, which is especially important if you’re travelling with family or friends.

          One of the best things about serviced apartments is the flexibility they offer. You’ll have the freedom to come and go as you please, and you won’t be restricted by hotel meal times or other schedules. This means you can explore Edinburgh at your own pace, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the city has to offer without feeling rushed.

          Another benefit of serviced apartments is the level of service you’ll receive. Braid Apartments By Mansley’s serviced apartments, for example, offer daily housekeeping, 24-hour reception, and a concierge service to help you with anything you need. This means you’ll have all the support you need to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

          Finally, serviced apartments are often more cost-effective than hotels. You’ll have more space and more amenities for your money, which means you can save on dining out and other expenses. This makes them a great option for anyone travelling on a budget, or for anyone who wants to make their money go further.

          In conclusion, if you’re looking for Edinburgh accommodation that offers more space, flexibility, and value for money than a traditional hotel room, then you should consider staying in a serviced apartment. With their fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and excellent service, you’ll feel right at home from the moment you arrive.

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          Our Black Friday Sale 2022

          Our exclusive Balck Friday Sale is now on!


          We have started our sales earlier just for you! Find your great Winter Escape with a fantastic discount.

          Good to know:

            • Black Friday rates displayed are the discounted rates
            • Use promo code BOOKDIRECT for an extra 10%
            • Minimum length of stay 3 nights.
            • Promotional rates are pre-paid and non-refundable.
            • Book between 11th November and 1st December on http://www.bymansley.com
            • Stay between 1st January and 28th February 2023 at all our properties
            • Stay between 1st December 2022 and 28th February 2023 at Highland Apartments by Mansley
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          Watch Wimbledon Outdoors in Mayfair

          Game, Set and Match!

          Wimbledon 2021 runs from 21st June to 21st July, and as the weather gets brighter and better, take some time out to enjoy a few sets, just as intended – outdoors with a punnet of strawberries and some bubbles in tow!

          Whilst tickets and entry to the courts at Wimbledon its self has been reduced to half the capacity to allow for social distancing, there is no reason why you can’t still enjoy the same atmosphere outdoors while watching a match on a big screen.

          Here are some great outdoor spaces where you can watch the games outdoors close to 44 Curzon Street by Mansley and 10 Curzon Street by Mansley in Mayfair, without having to part with your cash.

          Brown Hart Gardens

          Sunday 28 June – Sunday 11 July | 11am – 8pm daily

          Brown Hart Gardens is a raised historical terrace, which sits on top of an old electricity substation is a favourite with locals and those who work in the area, all year round.  Take a short walk from Bond Street station,  climb up the magical steps of this unique space with a garden terrace and seating and enjoy giant screen viewing, a host of food and drink delights offered by Pimms and a delightful white picket fence event area where all the tennis action awaits..

          Grosvenor Square

          Watch the heroes volley in a setting that’s just as befitting!  The iconic Grosvenor Square opens its gates, turning London’s second largest public square in the heart of Mayfair, to free for all outdoor screening area . Escape from the bustling buzz to a  a relaxing haven – where you’ll be able to enjoy a Wimbledon screening experience, pick a sunny deckchair spot and choose from an array of food and drink goodies from our local eateries.

          Picture Credit: https://www.mayfairldn.com/

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          London’s Calling

          London is calling…

          … and you must go!

          London has woken up from its lockdown slumber,  Yes, London is Open!

          We’ll be honest, it feels a little different, but it is still the same amazing, surprising and inspiring place. only better. The capital is ready for the visitors and has a whole range of new treats up its sleeve, ready to wow you.  Here are some fresh and exciting ideas on how to make a staycation near you, a fun and fabulous one in the capital.
          Find the perfect place to stay at  No.1 The Mansions, 44 Curzon Street or 10 Curzon Street by Mansley

          Cheers, London is Open

          After staying home for a year, it’s time to celebrate and raise a glass to reopen,  lets go places and make new memories. Start at the capital’s new rooftop bar Sabine, right in the heart of the city. Hanging baskets and draped plants make it Instagram-able, as you can enjoy fine snacks and drinks. Stunning view of St. Pauls Cathedral from beneath the fully retractable roof is a bonus.  Just 20 minutes away from 44 Curzon Street , quicker than you can say “Two Mojitos please”.

          Everybody loves Italian!

          Great news for all you foodies! The world largest Italian food market, Eataly, has opened its primo outpost in London. The large and exciting food hall has over 5,000 Italian and local food products and 2,000 wines on offer. Forget the flight to Italy, we’ve got it right here in our capital – authentic pasta, pizza and Prosecco. Buon appetite!
          Eataly is less than 30 minutes on the underground from 10 Curzon Street by Mansley.

          “The social season is upon us”

          If you loved binge-watching Bridgerton on Netflix, this is a real treat. The spectacular Queen’s House in Greenwich adds a hint of Bridgerton to your summer experience. Their luxury dining bubbles sit in front of the magnificent manor that appeared in Netflix’s hit series. The views of the London skyline and River Thames adds to the experience. Queen’s house is less than an hour away from No.1 The Mansions by Mansley, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

          Not just crazy golf 

          Crazy Golf goes Pop!  Imagine putt-ing and swinging to the vibes of iconic music by Drake, Kylie Minogue, and moreThe nine themed holes feature retro boomboxes, floating cassette tapes, and headphones, all of which are used to convince you that you’ve strayed into a music video. Sounds like fun! Within easy reach from No.1 The Mansions by Mansley,

          Photo Credits: SecretLDN

          clock icon May 1, 2021

          Shepherd Market – Mayfair, London

          Located directly behind 44 Curzon Street by Mansley, Shepherd Market was developed in 1735-46 by Edward Shepherd and comprises a number of small side streets with a charming square and piazza.  Today it houses a variety of boutique shops, restaurants and impressive Victorian pubs.

          In the 1680’s, King James II established a fair on the site of Shepherd Market mainly for the purpose of cattle trading.  The infamous 15 day fair grew in popularity and size, attracting both the rich and poor.  The gentrification of the area in the 17th century killed off the May-fair with the building of many grand houses although the name remains. Local architect and developer (Edward Shepherd) was commissioned to develop the site. It was completed in the mid 18th century, with paved alleys, a duck pond, and a two-storey market, topped with a theatre.

          During the 1920’s, Shepherd Market was an ultra-fashionable address for some of London’s most refined inhabitants, who lived there like characters in a play by Noel Coward. The writer Michael Arlen rented rooms opposite The Grapes public house, and used Shepherd Market as the setting for his best-selling 1924 novel “The Green Hat”. The book also went on to become a hit Broadway play and a film starring Greta Garbo.

          The village-like area around Shepherd Market still has something of a jaunty reputation. It was round the corner at 9 Curzon Place that Cass Elliot (Mama Cass) of The Mamas and Papas died in July 1974, and, four years later, Keith Moon, drummer with The Who, died of an overdose. In the 1980s Shepherd Market was where politician and best-selling author Jeffrey Archer met the prostitute Monica Coghlan, an encounter which he tried to cover up in a court of law, and which eventually led to his imprisonment.

          Next to Shepherd Market is Half Moon Street, where the fictional Wooster, the perfect upper-class Mayfair resident and his faithful valet Jeeves of the P.G. Wodehouse’s novels lived and where in 1763 the real James Boswell (newly arrived from Edinburgh) took lodgings and wrote his defamatory diary.

          Many locals describe Shepherd Market as ‘The Heart of Mayfair’. It is a truly unique and fascinating part of London that must be seen.

          clock icon January 26, 2020

          Chelsea Flower Show

          The Chelsea Flower Show is the world’s most famous flower and gardening event since 1912. Located in the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London, this prestigious show runs annually in every May, kicking off British Summer time for a period of five days.

          With over 157,000 visitors attending each year, the Chelsea Flower Show is regularly televised on BBC, and attracts many famous figures. The Royal Family regularly celebrate the event, where the Queen attends almost every year and toured the gardens in 2017 with the Duchess of Cambridge.

          The show welcomes world famous garden designers, florists and plant specialists to showcase colourful and rare flowers, innovative designs as well as impressive sculptures, so you can peruse the vast range of exhibits at your pleasure. Take a stroll around the urban gardens and discover horticultural creations like no other, or enjoy the ‘The Chelsea Late Event’ which includes musical bands, delicious artisan food markets and a special twilight viewing of the gardens – a magnificent experience for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

          Whether you are seeking inspiration for your home garden, or looking to enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled day out, the Chelsea Flower Show is an event not to be missed, so be sure to book tickets in advance to secure a place at this extraordinary event.

          No.1 The Mansions by Mansley are luxury serviced apartments offering superb accommodation at exceptional standards to suit your needs. Our apartments are situated 20 minutes from The Chelsea Flower Show, making it an ideal location for your stay.

          clock icon July 15, 2019
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