Staying Sustainably with Us

We can all do our bit when it comes to being sustainable, here are some tips on you can be more sustainable during your stay with us.

  • Arrive at our properties by using public transport or eco-friendly cars. Our Guest Service Associates can provide further information on transportation options for arriving and departing our properties.
  • Please turn off lights in rooms that are not in use and when leaving the apartment.
  • Please turn the heating down or off when you are not in the apartment. Between 18c-21c is an ideal temperature range.
  • Please turn appliances off at the wall when they are not in use.
  • Please conserve water, only use what you require and do not leave taps running.
  • Please do not flush sanitary products, wipes or nappies down the toilet.
  • If cooking has resulted in excess oils and fats please pour these into a cup and allow them to solidify so that they can be disposed of in the rubbish bin. Please do not pour oils and fats down the sink.
  • Please use the recycling provisions provided in your apartment.
  • Enjoy our neighbourhoods, we encourage you to explore the areas around our properties and look out for locally produced food and drink items to sample. Explore the local cultural heritage of our destinations or visit a local event or festival. Our website and app are good resources to find this information. Use public transport, where possible, when travelling around our destinations.
  • Respect our local neighbourhoods. Please do not litter. Mansley Serviced Apartments are proud to operate in our destinations and we do our bit to keep them tidy by undertaking monthly litter picks.
  • Shop sustainably. We provide Mansley tote bags in all of our apartments, they are there for your use during your stay and beyond. Save on using single-use plastic bags by remembering to take your Mansley tote bag out with you.
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